Loan Origination System

The loan origination system keeps track of loan application processing activities. The system will give clear information of loan processing progress and provide indicators of loan applicants credibility and other information required for decision making.

Credit Line

This system is used to offer a credit line to customers, reserve funds to cover the line and manage its utilization. The bank can also manage their own credit lines obtained from other financial institutions. The credit line distribution to other business systems such as the loan, collateral, overdraft and credit account is also monitored. If the credit line is issued in multiple currencies, exchange rate revaluations are calculated.

Commitment Loan

The commitment loan system manages the issuance of large sized loans in several installments.  Banks can set up commitment loan products to maintain loan details and installment schedule. On installment day, loan account is created and the loan is issued to the customer automatically.


The system manages overdraft limit, limit balance, overdraft interest calculations, and works on top of current account system. The system allows configuration of overdraft products to charge different interests on contractual limit, excess limit caused by offline transactions and commissions.

Credit Account

 This  system maintains credit account records, transactions and billing. Credit account transaction types can have different interest rates and award rates.

Credit Guarantee

The credit guarantee system is used to issue guarantees for customers whose loan application to other financial institutions is deemed insufficiently credible. The system will manage guarantee application processes, guarantee commissions and transactions.

Loan Securitization

The Loan securitization system helps to automate transactions and processes related to selling loan portfolio to the secondary market. It is tightly integrated with core loan system. Banks can pre-configure securitization rules and loans can be recorded on/off balance, commissions deducted automatically from the repayments.

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